не резиновый

11:30 | 25-09-2008 | Internet | 1 Comment

Comcast все-таки установит четкие ограничения на безлимитные интернет-подключения:

The company said that under its new system, traffic will be analyzed every fifteen minutes. Users who are found to be occupying large amounts of bandwidth will be placed at a lower priority for network access behind users with less bandwidth-intensive traffic. The new system will not replace or be related to the company’s earlier installment of bandwidth caps, which limited a user’s data intake to 250GB per month.

хорошо, однако, хотя бы то, что (пока?) не планируется анализ трафика на предмет его легальности, но аппетит приходит во время еды, разве нет?

ought to be enough for anybody, ну да.


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  1. […] Comcast, конечно, не одинок в своих попытках ограничивать скорость интернет-подключения: In February, Cox will begin testing a new method of managing traffic on our high-speed Internet network in our Kansas and Arkansas markets. During the occasional times the network is congested, this new technology automatically ensures that all time-sensitive Internet traffic — such as web pages, voice calls, streaming videos and gaming — moves without delay. Less time-sensitive traffic, such as file uploads, peer-to-peer and Usenet newsgroups, may be delayed momentarily. […]

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