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опять цитирую эпохальное:

They found their paradise, a `pirate’s paradise,’ on the jumbled border of a low-security academic grid. At first glance it resembled the kind of graffiti student operators sometimes left at the junctions of grid lines, faint glyphs of colored light that shimmered against the confused outlines of a dozen arts faculties.

конечно, разговор про SearchWiki от Google:

It appears that SearchWiki also provides an interesting platform for the global distribution of secret messages. By allowing users to attach publicly viewable, arbitrary comments to virtually any URLs returned in Google search results, SearchWiki can be used as a gigantic “spread-spectrum” secret message transmission medium.

как говорится, на заборе было написано слово “мир” с тремя ошибками.



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  1. […] снова цитирую: The people who designed these places, maybe eighty, a hundred years ago, they had the idea they’d make ‘em as self-sufficient as possible. Make ‘em grow food Make ‘em heat themselves, generate power, whatever. Now this one, you drill far enough down, is sitting on top of a lot of geothermal water. Then they pump that into shrimp tanks, and grow a lot of shrimp. Shrimp grow real fast in warm water. Then they pump it through pipes in the concrete, up here, to keep this place warm. That’s what this level was for, to grow ‘ponic amaranth, lettuce, things like that. Then they pump it out into the catfish tanks, and algae eat the shrimp shit. Catfish eat the algae, and it all goes around again. Or anyway, that was the idea. Chances are they didn’t figure anybody’d go up on the roof and kick those Darrieus rotors over to make room for a mosque, and they didn’t figure a lot of other changes either. So we wound up with this space. But you can still get you some damned good shrimp in the Projects… Catfish, too. […]

  2. […] SearchWiki is gone: Google removed SearchWiki, the feature that allowed you to customize search results by promoting them, removing them or adding comments below search snippets. SearchWiki cluttered search results and the aggregated results from public SearchWiki pages were rarely useful. […]

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