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The Economist опубликовал местами неточное буквой, но превосходное по духу эссе “Messengers in the modern world”:

The “Angel of the North” is built of 200 tonnes of steel, with rigid and rather rusty outstretched wings. For a while it was dressed in a Newcastle United shirt with “Shearer 11” on the back. But the shirt made the point. This is a local, protecting angel, whose function is to link the mining past with the future and to focus the hopes and fears of a region struggling out of decline.


ангелы не исчезли, конечно:

Oddly enough, modern science — so antithetical to angels — has made the world a more receptive place for them. In the age of the internet, scientific and technical language evokes angels all the time. Invisible networks and the world wide web are their natural and eternal business; from Ancient Greece onwards they have had instant access, global reach and universal applications.

наоборот, они повсеместны:

When he was eight years old, William Blake saw a flock of angels in a tree. Their bright wings “bespangled every bough like stars”.


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