клонировать нельзя дать умереть

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уже давно решил жить вечно, и пока все идет по плану:

Two teams of Chinese researchers working separately have reprogrammed mature skin cells of mice to an embryonic-like state and used the resulting cells to create live mouse offspring.

The reprogramming may bring scientists one step closer to creating medically useful stem-cell lines for treating human disease without having to resort to controversial laboratory techniques. However, the advance poses fresh ethical challenges because the results could make it easier to create human clones and babies with specific genetic traits.

надуманные же “этические” вопросы хорошо прокомментированы в обычном месте:

one persons moral code should never prevent someone else getting medical treatment. bottom line, if you don’t believe in that you don’t believe in freedom. this kind of research is what will save lives in the future.



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