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сможем ли мы сохранить себя для потомков:

Are we humans – with our carbon-based neural net “wetware” brains – at a point in history when we might be able to imprint the circuitry of the human brain using transistors on a silicon chip?

продолжать существовать после смерти физического тела, продолжать учиться. или не все так уж радужно?

“How you doing, Dixie?”
“I’m dead, Case. Got enough time in on this Hosaka to figure that one.”
“How’s it feel?”
“It doesn’t.”
“Bother you?”
“What bothers me is, nothin’ does.”
“How’s that?”
“Had me this buddy in the Russian camp, Siberia, his thumb was frostbit. Medics came by and they cut it off. Month later he’s tossin’ all night. Elroy. l said, what’s eatin’ you? Goddam thumb’s itchin’, he says. So l told him, scratch it. McCoy, he says, it’s the other goddam thumb.” When the construct laughed, it came through as something else, not laughter, but a stab of cold down Case’s spine. “Do me a favor, boy.”
“What’s that, Dix?”
“This scam of yours, when it’s over, you erase this goddam thing.”

есть, впрочем, и другие сложности. зато можно будет хотя бы спеть всем вместе.


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    а на сегодняшний день — только жалкие потуги: http://www.membrana.ru/articles/business/2009/09/01/191500.html

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