чем меньше, тем хуже

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давно уже махнул рукой на различнейшие австралийские запреты — перечислять их не хватит ни времени, ни сил, — oднако последние новости все же очаровывают: они запретили маленькую женскую грудь:

The proposed Australian Government clampdown on smut just got a whole lot broader, as news emerged of a ban on small breasts and female ejaculation in adult material.


Breasts came under the spotlight a year ago, as Senators Barnaby Joyce and Guy Barnett commenced a campaign against publicly available porn. Rounding up magazines from corner shops and filling stations, Senator Joyce claimed that publications featuring small-breasted women were encouraging paedophilia.

The result of this campaign is now visible in the decisions being made by the Australian Classification Board, which is beginning to apply RC (refused classification) categories to such material, as opposed to the previous X-rating. According to Fiona Patten, Convenor of the Australian Sex Party: “We are starting to see depictions of women in their late 20s being banned because they have an A cup size.

ну, то есть, понятное дело — каторжанам и надзирателям по вполне очевидным причинам (культурный багаж, среда обитания, blah-blah) должны больше нравиться сиськи поувесистее, но не в законодательном же порядке?

сейчас они, конечно, от всего открещиваются, но как-то совершенно неубедительно, впрочем:

A spokesperson for the ACB told me today that publications which contain offensive depictions or descriptions of persons who are or appear to be persons under the age of 18 (whether they are engaged in sexual activity or not) must be classified RC. They said the Board classifies publications on a case by case basis, in accordance with the Guidelines for the Classification of Publications, the Code and the Classification Act and that the Publications Guidelines do not specify breast size.



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