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10:54 | 28-04-2010 | Facebook, Internet, Privacy | No Comments

еще одна точка зрения:

There is something interesting about Facebook’s announcement of the (not really open) Open Graph that has received less press; the fact that Facebook is a private company. No one knows for sure how much of the company Zuckerberg and others own, but it wouldn’t likely be difficult for him to put together 51% of the company. What that means is that a private individual (or small group of individuals) own virtually everyone’s online identities. The difference between a private company and a public company owning these identities, is that a private one is under no legal obligation to try to make a profit with them. This makes a private company’s actions very difficult to predict/understand. I’m not saying Zuckerberg isn’t a good guy, I’m saying its too much responsibility for one 25 year old.


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