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президенты против

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никак не могу определиться, кому следует написать роман о случившейся бондиане: то ли Пинчону, то ли Хмелевской.


острова в тумане

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и, кстати, да — чарующее немое путешествие в Японию начала века:

‘A Trip through Japan with the YWCA’ (ca. 1919) is a documentary introducing outsiders to the scenic wonders and peoples of the far-off country. But the film also had a charitable purpose. Although reusing footage from Beautiful Japan—most noticeably the scenes with the Ainu of Hokkaido—it also interjects new material more central to the sponsor, about the role of women in Japan and their special needs. Included are shots of women in traditional occupations as well as fleeting images of workers outside a textile factory. “The death toll of tuberculosis in Japanese factories,” reads one intertitle, “claims 70,000 girls yearly. More attention is now being given to sanitation.” The fragment ends abruptly with a shot of a Buddhist prayer wheel in Nikko. It is unclear how much of the film is missing.



лед и пламя

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две страсти объединились в едином исполнении: художница Джессика Бридлав рисует завораживающие картографические фрагменты.



собственное мнение

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там же, кстати, и еще замечательное — помните, например, сколько было сломано копий о дизайне телефона? вот и ответ:

Probably the biggest thing I’ve taught the team at Apple is that people never know what they’re supposed to think about anything. This is true in Hollywood, in the book business, in the art world, in politics. And especially in technology.

So we put out a new phone and everyone is sitting there wondering what they should think about it. What I realized many years ago — and honestly, it still amazes me — is that most people are so unsure of themselves that they will think whatever we tell them to think.

So we tell people that this new phone is not just an incremental upgrade, but rather is the biggest breakthrough since the original iPhone in 2007. We say it’s incredible, amazing, awesome, mind-blowing, overwhelming, magical, revolutionary. We use these words over and over.

It’s all patently ridiculous, of course. But people believe it.



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в мире происходят натуральные чудеса. так, вначале оказалось, что последний iPhone 4 теряет сигнал:

A growing number of iPhone 4 owners are reporting that holding the iPhone 4 has an effect on the signal strength of the handset. Multiple videos demonstrate this unusual behavior in which the iPhone, when held in the palm of one’s hand, will lose signal strength by going from 5 bars of coverage to no service in less than a minute.

нашлись многочисленные объяснения:

Just about every cell phone in current production has the antenna located at the bottom. This insures that the radiating portion of the antenna is furthest from the head. Apple was not the first to locate the antenna on the bottom, and certainly won’t be the last. The problem is that humans have their hands below their ears, so the most natural position for the hand is covering the antenna. This can’t be a good design decision, can it? How can we be stuck with this conundrum? It’s the FCC’s fault.

выяснилось, что касается это всех, а не только левшей, как думали сперва:

> > I hold the phone in my left hand while I use my dominate hand to access all the content on my phone.

> But you hold it with your right hand when making a phone call… No?

Стив Джобс объяснил, что пострадавшие держат телефон неправильно (определенно, родился мем):

Just avoid holding it in that way.

и что вообще никакой проблемы нет (еще один мем):

There is no reception issue. Stay tuned.

во что многие с радостью поверили, если бы не обнаружилось вдруг магическая точка, нажимая которую можно и вовсе отключить телефон от сети:

These are the problems I’ve experienced with my iPhone 4. I can literally pause and resume a loading web page just by touching my finger to “The Spot”.

такова краткая хроника. и вот, наконец, Дэниэл Лайонс, известный, как поддельный Стив Джобс опубликовал прекрасное:

One thing I learned very early in life, thanks to intentional overuse of psychedelic drugs, is that there is no reality.


So some guy says his iPhone 4 is having reception issues. I say there is no reception issue. Now it’s his reality against my reality. Which one of us is living in the real reality?

There’s a two-part answer: 1, there is no real reality, and 2, it doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is which reality our customers will choose to adopt as their own.

Of course most people would rather live in a reality where everything works and there are no problems. And now, thanks to me, that reality exists. Because I’ve created that reality for them.

конечно, так оно и есть:

The other strategy we use comes from Zen Buddhism. You ever study Zen koans? Most of them make no sense at all. You read them and you go away feeling confused and stupid.

We do something similar. We call it “clouding.” Right now, for example, we’ve sent out the following messages about iPhone 4 and the antenna issues:

1. All mobile phones have this problem.

2. Our mobile phone does not have this problem.

You see how this works? These two statements cannot both be true.

Yet we’ve said both of them. And now you don’t know what to believe.


You’re worried. <...> You just wish someone would come along and tell you that everything is squared away and there’s nothing to worry about.

Well, stay tuned for that. And remember: There is no spoon.

прочтите целиком, оно того стоит. и вы поймете секрет продаж[1].


1.7M iPhone 4′s sold in first weekend; most successful Apple product launch ever.


к N

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мне всегда казалось, что Джейсон Тилки постоянно изображает тебя одну — распятую пересечением дорог и домов:

Jason Thielke’s art focuses on urban landscapes and their inhabitants. A strong emotional connection to the built environment and its inevitable rise and fall provide the foundation for his work. Thielke’s aesthetic encompasses both contemporary and traditional techniques much like modern architecture; his process of drawing, composing, and transferring images mirrors the planning, deconstruction and reconstruction phases of urban gentrification. The architectural style in his work is applied to his interpretation of the human form, which comfortably contrasts hard lines with soft features and mixed emotions.

мне нравится.



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честно говоря, английские болельщики просто скучны — даже теперь они продолжают и дальше говорить заученные фразы о том, как славно их “золотое поколение” выступает на клубном уровне. но где ж те клубы, как говорится? я помню минувшую Лигу чемпионов очень хорошо. и вклад упомянутых игроков (да и выступления самих клубов) весной стремились к нулю.

слишком много зависит в премьер-лиге от легионеров. и от того, кто из них присутствует или нет в так называемых клубах большой четверки. как ни странно это будет звучать, но лига задыхается. и если перемены не начнутся уже сегодня, то и через два года на чемпионате Европы ситуация вновь не изменится.

а Германия прекрасная, да. но это вы и сами все знаете.


с объективом

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короткометражка “Одна сотая секунды”.


театр закрыт

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отрывок из хорошего интервью Донатаса Баниониса:

На съемках Олег мало общался, у него тогда депрессия была. Он лечился. Вскоре он умер. Он ни с кем не дружил, приходил на съемку, играл, потом уезжал в гостиницу и там закрывался.

это про Олега Даля во время съемок “Клуба самоубийц”. такие дела.




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стая слов:

All Sorts is a collection of collective nouns that may or may not have found their way into the Oxford English Dictionary. If you think that a charismatic collective is far superior to a dullard ‘bunch’ or ‘flock’ then this is the place for you.

там же и прекрасные иллюстрации: 1 + 2 + 3 +