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Google, кстати, опять за старое:

Now the company will try again, with tools to be unveiled this fall, said Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s chief executive. Although the details remain murky, Mr. Schmidt and other Google officials sketched a broad outline of their plans in recent interviews.

Some of the tools are still being developed, they said; others will add features to existing products, like search, e-mail, maps, photos, video and ads.

The company plans to “take Google’s core products and add a social component, to make the core products even better,” Mr. Schmidt said.

т.е., все-таки совершенно не понимают причины собственных провалов и чужих успехов:

“There is some belief at Google that their DNA is not perfectly suited to build social products, and it’s a quite controversial topic internally,” said a person who has worked on Google’s social products who would speak only on the condition of anonymity.

вот, смотрите:

“Google’s a pretty serious place,” Mr. Schmidt said. “It’s hard to see how we could end up as becoming a significant gaming or entertainment source. It’s much more likely that we would become an infrastructure for those sorts of things.”

ну да, цели-то вполне утилитарные: продать как можно больше рекламы.


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