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тоже, в общем, форма жизни — хоть, как оказалась, и не способная существовать без посторонней помощи:

Kryptos sleuths may finally get some help cracking the CIA sculpture that has confounded amateur and professional cryptographers for two decades.

Artist Jim Sanborn, who created the cypher sculpture in 1990 for CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, plans to release a new clue to help puzzle detectives solve the last 97 characters of his masterpiece. The new clue is to be revealed in a New York Times article this weekend, to mark the 20th anniversary of the sculpture, which was dedicated Nov. 3, 1990.

сколько таких зашифрованных посланий уже кануло в лету, в скольки мы даже не заметили наличие шифра. или не поняли:

Only two other people were said to know the solution to Kryptos. CIA cryptographer Ed Scheidt helped Sanborn choose and alter the coding techniques for the sculpture. And former CIA director William Webster received a sealed envelope containing the solution at the sculpture’s dedication. In 2005, Sanborn revealed to Wired.com that a decrypted line in the sculpture referred to Webster: “Who knows the exact location? Only WW.” But Sanborn also said at the time that Scheidt, now a retired chairman of the CIA’s Cryptographic Center, and Webster only thought they knew the solution.

“Well, you know, I wasn’t completely truthful with [Webster],” Sanborn said. “And I’m sure he realizes that. I mean that’s part of trade craft, isn’t it? Deception is everywhere…. I definitely didn’t give him the last section, which has never been deciphered.”

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