городская рыбная ловля

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очередная реинкарнация знаменитых гибсоновских проектов:

The entire tower is inspired by the creation of energy.


Much of the tower is open to the public to view the processes at close quarters. Even from the lifts, the daily state of vegetable husbandry will be visible. A variety of different arrangements of plantation and localized environment are distributed over its length. The principal purpose of the tower is to CREATE ALGAE.

When watered and filtered the algae create BIOMASS used as food for fish and plants and for making paper and BIOFUEL for powering engines. This process takes CO2 (a known hazard in Taiwan) out of the environment.


The structure is a series of steel lattices that wind around the steel elevator cores. The droplets are steel cages with membrane skinning. There are 3 observation levels:

  • TOP OBSERVATION LEVEL : overlooks the mountains
  • MID OBSERVATION LEVEL : contains areas of hydroponic vegetation growth : enabling PUBLIC VIEWING of plants and processes
  • LOWER OBSERVATION LEVELS : contain aviaries and aquaria.

прекрасные. как и было сказано:

But you can still get you some damned good shrimp in the Projects… Catfish, too.


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