совокупность миллиардов

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Пол Ди Филиппо наконец-то предельно точно озвучил то, что давно уже меня терзало:

Did you ever feel that all the world’s problems–environmental, cultural, political–could be the result of just too many fucking people on the planet? (“Fucking,” as used here, is a precisely descriptive adjective, and not a mere kneejerk intensifier.)


I was born in 1954. (Geezer alert! Feel free to chalk up this whole rant to “You damn kids get off my lawn” syndrome.) The global population then was 2.7 billion. Today it’s nigh on seven billion, over 2.5 times greater than when I was a kid. Tell me that adding nearly five billion hungry mouths and goal-seeking individuals to our planet has no detrimental consequences. Dwindling resources, diminished elbow room, clashing ideologies–it’s all down to over-crowding.

хотя “терзало” — это и не совсем точное слово. раздражало, скорее. убивало:

The sheer presence of seven billion people devalues the existence of any single person.


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