while you were reading Tolkien…

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замечательная история:

Back in the late 2009, I got into a Twitter conversation with Madeline Ashby about geek culture, fandom, and a bunch of stuff like that. Madeline wrote, “While you were reading Tolkien, I was watching Evangelion.” I thought this was an excellent encapsulation of the divide in SF/F/Whatever fandom, and thus took to Zazzle to make little buttons with her quote. I bought a bunch, handed them out at a few conventions, then I had a kid and promptly forgot all about it.

Until today, when Zazzle emailed me to say they were pulling the buttons for intellectual property right infringement.

And guess who complained about their rights being infringed?

нечего удивляться, фонд наследия Толкина уже давно зарегестрировал имя Толкина, как торговую марку, и отныне постояно борется с ее использованием в мировой культуре:

The estate of JRR Tolkien is embroiled in a fierce legal battle over an American novel that uses the author of The Lord of the Rings as a central character.

результат, кстати, зачаровыввает, но и перспективы, вы ж понимаете, открываются запредельные: практически всю historical fiction можно будет теперь отправить на помойку за нарушение копирайта.

хотя книжка, судя по-всему, неплохая:

Now the estate, registered in Oxford, where Tolkien was a university professor, is demanding the destruction of all copies of Steve Hillard’s Mirkwood: A Novel About JRR Tolkien. The 450-page work recounts a young woman’s quest to find her grandfather after discovering documents given to him by Tolkien. The estate is demanding an immediate halt to further sales, and threatens legal action to obtain damages.

но переписывать историю — это куда более занимательно, я понимаю:

Hillard, 62, from Austin, Texas, said: “Imagine if you couldn’t use Winston Churchill as a character in a book about the second world war. How many movies have used a fictional treatment of Churchill? The implications of this assertion by the estate would be that you couldn’t do that.”

а вы говорите, леопард.


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