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замечтаельный Стивен Леви, о чьей первой книге[1] я писал так часто, написал очередную — на этот раз про Google, где раскрывает небольшие секреты. например:

[Steven Levy] reveals that when founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page were on the hunt for a chief executive they wanted Steve Jobs to take up the job.

The only problem was that Mr Jobs had a much better job at Apple – a much more superior company at the time.

He turned their offer down but because he saw the potential of Google he agreed to mentor Mr Page and Mr Brin, even sharing advisers.

а что случилось дальше, нам всем хорошо известно:

Problems came when Google bought and started work on the Android mobile phone system.

Apple saw it as a direct threat to iPhone and relationships broke down with Mr Jobs feeling betrayed by the pair.

[1] — доступна, кстати, и библиотеке Проекта Гутенберг.


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