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как все уже знают, Google с потрясающим спокойствием одну за другой закрывает[1] учетные записи в Google+ — за использование псевдонимов вместо реальных имен:

Over the weekend and into Monday, multiple tech blogs were reporting what appeared to be an uptick in the number of people removed from Google+ for signing up under assumed names.

волне народного возмушения нет предела:

Saturday’s Google+ user account deletion purge plunged the new social network into a crisis of user trust. The community wants it fixed[2].

а, между тем, оно и логично:

There’s a very simple business reason why Google cares if they have your real name. It means it’s possible to cross-relate your account with your buying behavior with their partners, who might be banks, retailers, supermarkets, hospitals, airlines. To connect with your use of cell phones that might be running their mobile operating system. To provide identity in a commerce-ready way. And to give them information about what you do on the Internet, without obfuscation of pseudonyms.

страшно, да? и правильно — ибо дальше все просто, достаточно только кое-что вспомнить:

Google makes billions of dollars in revenue each fiscal quarter. That money comes about by the same process that all companies use: They sell a product to their customers. Their customers pay money for that product.

Who’s Google’s customer? You? Really? When’s the last time you paid Google for anything?

Advertisers are Google’s customer. What do they sell to advertisers? They sell you. Or, at least, they rent you out, or provide access to you.

[1] — вас уже сосчитали? помогите собрать данные.
[2] — иными словами, уроков в Google так и не извлекли.


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