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чем дальше, тем больше я уверен, что Google сам изничтожит свой Плюс (и все другие серсвисы тоже) — особенно в свете этой истории с настоящими именами и прочим абсурдом[1]:

“The only way to manage [that much information] is true transparency and no anonymity,” [Google CEO Eric] Schmidt said. “In a world of asynchronous threats, it is too dangerous for there not to be some way to identify you. We need a [verified] name service for people. Governments will demand it.”

или вот еще из недавнего:

I’m at the Edinburgh Intl TV Festival and just got to ask a question to Google CEO Eric Schmidt regarding real names on G+. I asked him how Google justifies the policy given that real identities could put people at risk.

He replied by saying that G+ was build primarily as an identity service, so fundamentally, it depends on people using their real names if they’re going to build future products that leverage that information.

<...> Regarding countries like Iran and Syria, people there have no expectation of privacy anyway due to their government’s own policies, which implies (to me, at least) that Schmidt thinks there’s no point of even trying to have a service that allows pseudonyms.

замечательный, да? смотрит на вас пристально, Старший брат. редкостная мразь.

честно говоря, не воображу, кто бы захотел пользоваться таким сервисом. потому что, как верно подметил Фред Уилсон, причины требований, озвученных Шмидтом, аболютно ясны:

It begs the question of whom Google built this service for? You or them. And the answer to why you need to use your real name in the service is because they need you to.

страшно, да?

Кори Доктороу как раз вчера написал хорошую статью:

Google Plus’s controversial identity policy requires all users to use their “real names”. Commentators have pointed to problems with this, including the implausibility of Google being able to determine correctly which names are real and which ones are fake. Other problems include the absurdity of Google’s demand for scans of government ID to accomplish this task and the fractal implausibility of Google being able to discern real from fake in all forms of government ID.

Google argues that people behave better when they use their real names [emphasis mine]. Google also states it is offering an identity service, not a social network, and therefore needs to know who you are and, thirdly, that no one is forcing you to use Google Plus.

и дальше:

Google has adopted the Facebook doctrine at the very moment in which the figleaf slipped, when people all over the world are noticing that remaking ancient patterns of social interaction to conform to advertising-driven dogma exposes you to everything from humiliation at school to torture in the cells of a Middle Eastern despot. There could be no stupider moment for Google to subscribe to the gospel of Zuckerberg, and there is no better time for Google to show us an alternative.

но понять это Google уже просто не в состоянии.

[1] — там вообще много прекрасного. например:

“If I look at enough of your messaging and your location, and use Artificial Intelligence,” Schmidt said, “we can predict where you are going to go. <...> Show us 14 photos of yourself and we can identify who you are.”


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