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вот он, дух познания:

Psychogeography is a practice that rediscovers the physical city through the moods and atmospheres that act upon the individual.


The psychogeographer is a “non-scientific researcher” who encounters the urban landscape through aimless drifting, experiencing the effects of geographical settings ignored by city maps, and often documenting these processes using film, photography, script writing, or tape. In this way, the wanderer becomes alert to the metaphors, visual rhymes, coincidences, analogies, and changing moods of the street.

именно так я и путешествую:

Like all other centers, a mythology surrounds this one, a mythology essential for the gravitation of being. Like all other centers, the “vintage” is fetishized, personal histories are redeveloped, sometimes forged, and illusions of historic continuity are mused on.

The center is an illusion, a spot where wishes come true, so naturally they began to guard it like a treasure; for who knows what wishes a person might have.

“Do you know William Burroughs?”

удивительнейший рассказ.


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