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смотрю на фотографии Дэвида Майзеля — вот, например, проект Забвение:

In Oblivion, the images underscore the cyborg nature of the city. Themes of development as a self-generating, self-replicating force that exists outside of nature are encoded in these photographs, which view Los Angeles as both a specific site and as a more generalized condition. The inversion of tonalities in these works is a simple act that defamiliarizes the images. It also subtly refers to other ways of imaging- like the X-Ray, which sees within the structure of an organism or body – or other modes of seeing – like the flickering negative images in an atomic blast, when the shadow world is revealed and released.

и другие:

The ground is bleeding. A red river cuts a path through a bleached valley, winding toward a lake that is no longer there.

очень хороший.


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