контрольный выстрел

09:35 | 03-11-2011 | Google | 2 Comments

по следам недавних побед:

I specifically remember being excited about the launch of Google Calendar in 2006 because Google was a company cranking out hit after hit after hit. Great products. But recently, what have they done?

You can argue that Android is pretty solid now, but that’s after years of iteration. At first, it basically sucked[1]. Chrome has been great, but it now seems to be getting more buggy, not less, over time. Google Voice? Decent, but not what it should be. Google+? Not bad, but issues. Google TV? Yeah. Google Music? Ha. Google Wave? Sigh. Etc, etc, etc.

а Google Buzz даже в этот список не попал.

[1] — напомню еще раз, если кто забыл: раньше Android выглядел вот так.


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