магистрали прошлого

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наши артефакты продолжают жить своей жизнью:

They entered through Russell Square station. For 10 minutes, the four of them sprinted along the tracks of the Piccadilly line towards a disused tunnel at Holborn. Their prize: a sight of one of the great trophies of London’s urban exploration scene – the abandoned platforms of Aldwych tube station.


From Holborn they noticed the rails turn rusty and saw piles of flyers collecting at the tunnel’s edges. And then, like hikers who’d reached the best view from the mountain, they saw the forest-green tiles of the platform edge.

отчаянно сопротивляются любому вторжению:

CCTV operators had alerted British transport police, who had issued a terror alert. After infiltrating 200 sites across the city over 10 years and getting away with it, they were busted.


Last month TfL applied to issue anti-social behaviour orders which would not only stop them undertaking further expeditions and blogging about urban exploration but also prohibit them from carrying equipment that could be used for exploring after dark. Extraordinarily, it also stipulates they should not be allowed to speak to each other for the duration of the order – 10 years.

звучит ужасно и абсурдно, на самом деле, и я искренне надеюсь, что подобного не случится (а сам тем временем листаю совершенно чудесный блог одного из путешественников).


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