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In 2006, Threshold House announced Moon’s Milk (In Six Phases), a “deluxe gallery edition” 3CD/book set that was to compile their four Equinox and Solstice EPs, the three tracks from the Moons Milk (In Four Phases) Bonus Disc and “some new reinterpretations of those songs”. The book was to feature photographs of the 333 hand-painted covers for the Moon’s Milk (In Four Phases) Bonus Disc along with a listing of their titles and respective owners.

<...> [However, Peter] Christoperson was never to issue Moon’s Milk (In Six Phases) in his lifetime. His passing makes it uncertain whether the package will ever eventuate as at this stage there have been no further Coil releases. Danny Hyde, who worked with Christopherson on the proposed reissue, eventually released the additional material that had been intended for the third disc of the set. Issued as Moon’s Milk in Final Phase, the three tracks were credited to Electric Sewer Age rather than Coil.

альбом в самом деле прекрасный.


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