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итак, Apple выпустила собственные карты и систему навигации, а так же поставила на Facebook:

iOS 6 offers the “tap to post” option directly from iOS 6, and sharing from Photos, Safari, Maps and other applications. Apple has also added Facebook messages to its address book and Facebook events to its calendar app. Across mobile and desktop, the App Store now includes Like buttons so users can see which apps, music, movies and shows their friends Like. Game Center will import friends from Facebook, though it’s unclear whether Game Center Challenges will work for cross-platform Facebook-mobile games.


[О]n OSX Mountain Lion <...> Facebook sharing will be supported in Safari, Notes, PhotoBooth and iPhoto, according to Apple’s website. OS X also adds users’ Facebook friends and profile photos to Contacts. Facebook notifications show up in Notification Center, and users can update their status from there.

cui bono?

The integration that will come with this fall’s release of iOS 6 will deliver boat-loads of content to Facebook that will draw people to its news feed that it monetizes with ads. Data about App Store Likes will also be lucrative for powering ad targeting. As I detailed yesterday, since iOS apps are now Open Graph objects with Like buttons, people who’ve Liked them can be targeted with ads. Developers may be willing to pay high premiums to target ads to users of similar apps or ones by their competitors.

Apple meanwhile gets a more seamless user experience where people don’t have to do tons of copying, app switching, and pasting to share with friends. It will also rake in sales from referral traffic driven by stories linking to iTunes and the App Store.

кроме того, Facebook, полагаю, не прийдется делать свой телефон — зачем, если доступен самый популярный. где, к тому же, еще и хранятся миллионы наших кредиток в запасниках iTunes Store.

звучит тревожно, не правда ли?

как бы там ни было, однако главная мысль этой презентации направлена в иную сторону: Apple сделает все, что только можно, воеже лишить Google пользовательских данных и забрать, тем самым, рекламные доходы — реклама суть нефть интернета, за нее они и будут драться. сегодня это карты и плевок в сторону Google+, а завтра?


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