the light is strong

15:15 | 27-06-2012 | AI, Science | No Comments

и еще Брюс Стерлинг об Алане Тьюринге и вечном поиске знаний:

My own problem comes when you’re an Artificial Woman Artist. Computation is demanding the aura of artistry that was commonly associated with cognition. That’s tougher, because now we’re back in the Turing Test interrogation cells, and I’m a woman, and you’re a woman, while that other woman there, the machine artist, is claiming to be Yoko Ono or Marina Abramovic.

I can ask the artist these innocent, quaint Alan Turing-test questions, like “do you have long hair?” “do you like to run marathons?”, and Marina just sits there gently bleeding and staring into space for six solid hours.


How do we judge what we’re doing? How do we distribute praise and blame, rewards and demerits, how do to guide it, how do we attribute meaning to it?


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