о зеркалах

10:15 | 28-06-2012 | Google, History | 1 Comment

между тем, вот они, инновации, my ass:

The Nexus Q is certainly not for everyone’s taste. For starters, it’s … well, let’s call it distinctive in appearance. It is most certainly made to be seen as well as heard.

It’s also pricey, at $299 without speakers or cables, and it works only with Android devices.

Put those pieces together and you have to wonder whether Google is deliberately trying to limit the market for this product to diehard Google loyalists.

In the industrial design of its new media player, Google has broken out of the box, quite literally. The Nexus Q is a black orb, 4.6 inches in diameter, with a ring of 32 LEDs that “shift and change color in time to your music,” Google says. I guess that makes it a 21st Century lava lamp.

а в свете буквально только что обдуманного эта новинка и вовсе кажется лишь тем смешнее и беспомощнее.


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