the dog didn’t seem to like it

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заобтливых друзей — в каждую семью:

I had dinner with [a robot] — right here in Silicon Valley.


The main attraction was the PR2, which can pick things up, fold laundry, open doors and bring cups, plates and other small objects to people. The PR2 is pretty stunning to see in action. Its price, $400,000 for the fully functional version, is pretty stunning, too. And although it is impressive to watch, it is still easily baffled by the mundane.

At the dinner, one of the PR2s dropped a soda can on the floor and just stood there, befuddled. It couldn’t figure out what had happened to the can. It was as if it had just performed a wonderful magic trick on itself

или вот еще другой вариант:

Mr. Cousins said he believed the next wave of robots to enter — or invade — the home and work force would be telepresence robots. These machines have a built-in screen and camera and are essentially mobile video-chatting terminals that can be controlled from thousands of miles away.

ну да, ну да. и в самом деле, скорей бы уж побольше роботов с первичными и вторичными половыми признаками.

а в остальном, конечно, tipharethМиша прав, человек слишком прекрасен, чтобы заниматься работой.


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  1. Ann says:

    роботы хорошие.

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