Mardi Gras

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а еще отчего-то все время думаю о Джей-Ди Шейпли из романа Уильяма Гибсона “Виртуальный свет”:

When they got out to the car, he saw that he’d parked it right in front of this mural of J. D. Shapely wearing a black leather biker jacket and no shirt, being carried up to heaven by half a dozen extremely fruity-looking angels with long blond rocker hair. There were these blue, glowing coils of DNA or something spiraling out of Shapely’s stomach and attacking what Rydell assumed was supposed to be an AIDS virus, except it looked more like some kind of rusty armored space station with mean robot arms.

It made him think what a weird-ass thing it must’ve been to be that guy. About as weird as it had ever been to be anybody, ever, he figured. But it would be even weirder to be Shapely, and dead like that, and then have to look at that mural.

YET HE LIVES IN US NOW, it said under the painting, in foot-high white letters, AND THROUGH HIM DO WE LIVE.

Which was, strictly speaking, true, and Rydell had had a vaccination to prove it.

если вы понимаете, о чем я.


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    p>Не могу удержаться от второй ссылки (на волне пинчономании в хорошем смысле этого слова 8): “pyncholalia in stills” ( Там и “Ретронавт показывает немного Британии за отчетный период (1939-1945) – в цвете и с некоторыми подробностями” и “вот май 1945-го в Германии” и “обалденно красивый мультимедийный проект Доктора Дау “

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