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Уильям Гибсон (yes, you’ve heard that right) об эволюции моды:

The genuinely new, strange by definition, can be difficult to recognize. The futuristic is paradoxically familiar. A 3-D-printed bikini of semirigid nylon beads, fabbed to a CAD-scan of the consumer’s body, however spooky in terms of the technology that produced it, doesn’t strike us, on sight, as particularly futuristic. The real future—or what may one day be a common element of some real future—slips past us, mistaken for the present, or for the past.


I was too young to appreciate the postwar impact of Chanel’s modernism, but I did see André Courrèges and Mary Quant change things, fundamentally. Futurist designers may sometimes venture into the futuristic, and Courrèges certainly did, but really they’re about something else. They operate on the leading edge of a practical modernism, something the futuristic often seems to abhor. They invent, say, the mini-skirt.

мне нравится всеохватность Гибсона. в известном смысле, именно он и есть натурфилософ.


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