трепанация дара

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сюжеты происходят рядом с нами беспрерывно:

Occasionally, [Patrick Tresset] was successful [painter], exhibiting his work in Paris and London. But “along the way, I kind of lost touch with reality. … I kind of lost my ability to function in society,” he said last weekend at a press conference at Ciudad de las Ideas, an annual gathering about big ideas held in Puebla, Mexico, and sponsored by Grupo Salinas.

In his 30s, Tresset made the admirable and difficult decision to seek treatment for his mental health problems—and for him, medication and therapy worked. There was just one problem. “I was able to function again … but I lost my passion for art, for doing things by hand,” he said.

трудно поверить, но его спасли роботы:

Tresset, for one, discovered a novel way to stay mentally healthy with the help of drugs and still pursue what was once his life’s work: He created robots that can draw portraits.

если это не будущее, которое уже состоялось, то я и не знаю, что сказать. и, да, это так же поразительный экскурс в творчество.


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