окружение и протоколы

13:56 | 18-02-2013 | Culturology, Facebook, Twitter | 2 Comments

подходы меняются:

“When I was little, Facebook was the coolest thing to do. And I as got older, it got stupider and I have more commitments,” said [Maxine] Guttmann, 15, a rising junior in New York City. “On Tumblr, I feel like I can post all the stuff I’m interested in. On Facebook, not all my friends are interested in the same stuff I am. And a lot aren’t even my close friends anymore.”


For teens, Facebook has become the equivalent of Microsoft Outlook or AOL Instant Messenger, experts say: It has evolved from a hot hangout, to a practical and dull tool for chatting about homework or catching up with faraway friends. Bored, overwhelmed by huge friend groups and exhausted by the digital popularity contests Facebook fosters, many teens are taking refuge in social services such as Tumblr and Twitter.



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