под надзором

18:47 | 23-03-2013 | Economics, Internet, Lifeform | 1 Comment

в первую очередь, речь, конечно, о биткойнах[1]:

The U.S. is applying money-laundering rules to “virtual currencies,” amid growing concern that new forms of cash bought on the Internet are being used to fund illicit activities.

The move means that firms that issue or exchange the increasingly popular online cash will now be regulated in a similar manner as traditional money-order providers such as Western Union Co. WU +1.04% They would have new bookkeeping requirements and mandatory reporting for transactions of more than $10,000.

ну да, ну да.


  1. там же, впрочем, и занимательное:

    The jump in the bitcoin exchange rate this week also coincides with concerns euros could be taken from retail bank accounts in Cyprus to fund a bailout.



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  1. […] ну, вот, и пожалуйста: US authorities seized the accounts of a Bitcoin digital currency exchange operator, claiming it was functioning as an “unlicensed money service business,” court documents showed Friday. […]

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