в поисках тирана

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а вообще, конечно, все эти особенности поведения давно уже описал Эрих Фромм в своей работе “The Fear of Freedom”:

Quite regularly these people show a marked dependence on powers outside of themselves, on other people, or institutions, or nature. They tend not to assert themselves, not to do what they want, but to submit to the factual or alleged orders of these outside forces. Often they are quite incapable of experiencing the feeling ‘I want’ or ‘I am.’ Life, as a whole, is felt by them as something overwhelmingly powerful, which they cannot master or control.

In the more extreme cases – and they are many – one finds besides these tendencies to belittle oneself and to submit to outside forces a tendency to hurt oneself and to make oneself suffer.

или с другой стороны:

Besides these masochistic trends, the very opposite of them, namely, sadistic tendencies, are regularly to be found in the same kind of characters. <...> One is to make others dependent on oneself and to have absolute and unrestricted power over them, so as to make of them nothing but instruments, ‘clay in the potter’s hand.’ Another consists of the impulse not only to rule over others in this absolute fashion, but to exploit them, to use them, to steal from them, to disembowel them, and, so to speak, to incorporate anything eatable in them. <...> A third kind of sadistic tendency is the wish to make others suffer or to see them suffer.

Фромм абсолютно гениален, серьезно, и для того, чтобы убедиться в этом, достаточно взглянуть хотя бы и на то, как складывалась мировая история в 30-ые годы прошлого века: как описанные им архетипы, застыв посреди растерянной эпохи, алкали и — точно по нотам — находили убежище в тирании и диктатуре:

The individual finds himself ‘free’ in the negative sense, that is, alone with his self and confronting an alienated, hostile world. In this situation, to quote a telling description of Dostoevski, in The Brothers Karamasov, he has ‘no more pressing need than the one to find somebody to whom he can surrender, as quickly as possible, that gift of freedom which he, the unfortunate creature, was born with.’ The frightened individual seeks for somebody or something to tie his self to; he cannot bear to be his own individual self any longer, and he tries frantically to get rid of it and to feel security again by the elimination of this burden: the self.

вся история того же СССР, от Сталина до вахтера, все эти люди — они просто боятся, именно; они не знают, что делать, не умеют, не хотят, не будут — и, в итоге, находят себе очередного карлика.

в этом-то и загвоздка.


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