aging is a disease; treat it like one

10:39 | 17-08-2013 | Biology | 1 Comment

прекрасная Мария Коваленко из фонда “Наука за продление жизни” написала замечательное письмо:

There is no more important goal than preserving human life. Aging limits our lifespan, and is the main contributing factor for diseases responsible for most human mortality and suffering, including heart disease, stroke, adult cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Defeating or simply slowing down aging is the most useful thing that can be done for all the people on the planet. It is the most complicated task in the history of mankind. Molecular-genetic studies of laboratory animals, over the last two decades, have demonstrated that the problems of aging are not insoluble. By modifying regulatory pathways, scientists have repeatedly succeeded in extending lifepan – by up to twofold in insects and rodents, and as much as 10-fold in worms and yeast. These same studies have greatly expanded our understanding of those pathways, which are remarkably well conserved from yeast to humans. In view of that conservation, we have every reason to believe that similar strategies will work for humans.



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