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кстати, набор LEGO Architecture Studio, судя по-всему, абсолютно чудесен:

Besides the 1,210 Lego pieces the set comes with two clear sorting trays. Fun fact: these sorting trays are official Lego pieces. They work well, and help to manage the massive amount of like sized/shaped pieces. Speaking of which, almost every piece is white. With the exception of a handful of transparent pieces. The whole point of the Lego Architecture Studio is to use the included pieces to begin building technically minded architecture models. The monochrome color scheme helps break the Lego models down to their core concept, while reinforcing the minimalistic goal of the set.

The large Lego piece count and sorting trays are not the main focus of this set. The instruction manual or book is the star. A huge 272 page perfect bound book[1]. Featuring tips, building techniques, styles, history, and general information about Architecture and Lego. The book does not contain standard instructions. No step by step builds of famous architectural models. Instead the book features very general instructions, often showing the building of a model across only 3-4 steps.

есть что-то исключительно сказачное и открытое в такой свободе:

Throughout the book, architectural techniques and strategies are demonstrated through the use of LEGO bricks, and most of the time the demonstrations are able to be copied by the builder with the provided parts. The directions given for shown models aren’t so much instructions (as seen in traditional LEGO set booklets), but rather guidelines to instigate deeper thought into designing with LEGO parts and to spark creativity. In other words, the models shown in the book aren’t meant to be followed to the T and recreated perfectly by the builder; they’re meant to exemplify architectural strategies translated into LEGO.



  1. размером 413 мегабайт. ↩


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