teenage angst has paid off well

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замечательный взгляд назад — BBC возвращается к последнему студийному альбому Nirvana, “In Utero”:

Cobain felt a constant tension between his desire to be heard and to remain true to his punk ideals. He sought not just to become part of the mainstream conversation but to elevate it. With each album he proved more adept at answering that challenge.

следующий концертный “Unplugged” может и нравится мне больше, но усталость и отчаяние “In Utero” бьет каждой песней:

Rape Me twisted the riff from Nirvana’s breakthrough single, Smells Like Teen Spirit into something more sinister, a commentary on Cobain being miscast as a grunge celebrity. Milk It and Radio Friendly Unit Shifter framed personal disappointment inside acerbic music-industry metaphors.

добавлено: вот абсолютно чудесное письмо Стива Альбини, звукорежиссера “In Utero”:

I’m only interested in working on records that legitimately reflect the band’s own perception of their music and existance. If you will commit yourselves to that as a tenet of the recording methodology, then I will bust my ass for you. I’ll work circles around you. I’ll rap your head with a ratchet…



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