народ сер, но мудр

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ну, и заодно несколько цифр как раз про NSA:

In August 2012, thanks to YouGov, I launched my first national survey to probe more deeply about what Americans know about intelligence agencies, what they think about controversial intelligence programs, and where those attitudes come from. In light of the Edward Snowden revelations, last month I asked YouGov to run another poll that asked some of the same questions, along with new ones about NSA so that I could start tracking trends over time. The poll ran Oct. 5-7, 2013, and included 1,000 people (with a margin of error of +/- 4.3 percent).


It appears that Americans like the CIA, FBI, and DHS about as much as they did a year ago. Americans just don’t trust the accuracy of intelligence provided by these or other three-letter intelligence agencies as much now.

а вы говорите Эдвард Сноуден, гражданские свободы и право на частную жизнь. что ж удивляться-то[1]?

I found that the more people watched spy-themed television shows and movies, the more they liked the NSA, the more they approved of NSA’s phone and Internet collection programs, and the more they believed the NSA was telling them the truth.



  1. на самом деле, все не так плохо, разумеется. но, как и любые статистические данные, этот опрос тоже полон всевозможных интерпретаций.  ↩


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