для всех, даром

14:00 | 28-11-2013 | Economics, Politics | No Comments

а вообще, конечно, приятно наблюдать, как коммунизм шагает по планете:

There are other reasons, ethical and instrumental, for supporting a move towards a basic income. Psychologists (e.g., Frohlich and Oppenheimer, 1992) have shown that people with basic security work harder, are more productive, and are more altruistic and tolerant. They also have more confidence, which means they will be more likely to bargain for decent wages and working conditions, and join organisations that wish to do so. And people with basic security do more work that is not labour, such as caring for relatives and their communities. In having more control over their time, they can be more rational and plan their lives better. Progressives should wake up.

все так. сегодня же работа — это обычное рабство.


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