living with peeping Toms

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Брюс Стерлинг, прекрасный, в классическом интервью @ Slashdot:

QUESTION: What film best represents your vision of a cyberpunk or high-tech dystopian future?

ANSWER: As for the “cyberpunk” part, forget about “the movies.” Abstract motion-graphics coded in Processing and posted on Vimeo, that’s “cyberpunk.” You don’t wanna make movies that are about guys with computers. You want to use digital composition to seize control of the means of producing cinema. And then do it all yourself! That’s “punk.” Hollywood product is commerce, it’s about fanboy culture.

или, вот, например, о роли Google в жизни:

Search engines are a major research aid for writers, but in the past few years, they’ve all been turning into surveillance-marketing engines. Now it’s like trying to get some fiction done, while Google is all like, “So! Finish that Coke yet? Hey, how about a six-pack?” It’s like Larry and Sergei are right in the room now, staring with Google Glass, and holding their breath.

это и отличает писателей, right? умение создать запоминающуюся аллегорию.



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