the winter of our discontent

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натуральный постмодернизм:

RIOT is a riot simulator based on real events that have been influencing the western civilization in the past few years.

многоплановая игра, ага:

RIOT is made of two game genres. If the player chooses to play as the rioters, he will find a game that is strategic, but it is mostly about fast-pace reactions to the situations happening all around him. What I mean by that is that there will be very little time for planning, and it will mostly be about responding. This is does not mean that the strategic component is cut out, but just that the response time will have be short. This section of the game will be about controlling a chaotic (but not random) mass of people.

The second genre belongs to the policemen. When played through this faction, the game becomes more similar to a strategy game. It is more organized, orders are sent through an actual “button-y” user interface (instead of the gestures used for the rioter), and the game is more focused on planning rather than fast response. Both component are still present, but the policemen faction is more organized and logical.


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