no ethics in this data world

08:04 | 30-06-2014 | Culturology, Facebook, Internet, Privacy | 1 Comment

например, вы не знали, что являетесь подопытной крысой?

If you missed this outrageous study published earlier this month in an academic journal, here’s the nutshell version: In January 2012, a Facebook data scientist, along with two university researchers, tweaked the News Feed of almost 690,000 users to display more “positive” or “negative” stories to figure out if “emotions are contagious on social networks”.

That means exactly what you think it does: Facebook played a psychological mind game with its users and it used a tiny clause in its 9,000-word Terms of Service to justify its actions.

чудесно, мне кажется:

[M]any people don’t even understand the basic concept of Facebook using a relevancy-sorting algorithm to filter the News Feed to be as engaging as possible. They probably wouldn’t suspect Facebook might show them fewer happy posts from friends so they’ll be sadder in order to test a theory of social science.

и подобное ведь случается повсеместно — так или иначе.

добавлено: никакой tiny clause на момент проведения эксперимента в ToS не было. надеюсь, суд выскажет свое мнение по данному вопросу.


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