ваши ошибки — это их деньги

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и снова о праве на забвение:

There’s a problem with total recall. It doesn’t allow us as a society to forget. And that means, paradoxically, we lose something. Perfect memory engenders individual paralysis — because any legacy of personal failure is not allowed to fade into the background. And individuals are not, therefore, encouraged to evolve and move on.

но кто бы удивлялся, Google являет еще один пример очередной подмены понятий, столь привычной в нынешних сетевых баталиях[1]:

Google continues to spin the European ruling as ‘knowledge censorship’ — and has so far turned the process of de-indexing private individuals’ links into a theatrical farce by co-opting the media, whose business models generally align with its own here, to be its outraged mouthpiece. But that spin just obscures the genuine nuance of this debate.


No one said this complex problem had an easy fix. But to argue the issue itself is black and white — an open and shut case of ‘knowledge vs censorship’ — is to belie the complexities of human identity and social interaction. We are not simple creatures. We are full of contradictions and capriciousness. And our tools should therefore not seek to pin us down, or paint us as black or white — but support and reflect our multifaceted nature.

мне кажется, лучше не скажешь.


  1. make no mistake: this is strictly about money, not about freedoms.  ↩


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