My First Kafka

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оказывается, автор Матьё Рот и художник Рохан Даниэль Исон выпустили чудесный пересказ историй Франца Кафки для самых маленькихс обязательными картинками:

The adaptation is so smooth, and the stories so naturally eerie and imaginative, that if it rhymed one would assume Seuss wrote it. “During the day / Gregor crawled back and forth / along the walls / and the ceiling,” Roth writes. The three tales are accompanied by the illustrations of Rohan Daniel Eason, whose predominantly black-and-white drawings are comprised of dizzying, wispy-lined details beside thick walls of black. He decorates the Nobodies in “Excursion” with menacing black curlicues and makes the pitiable Gregor Samsa ornate and enormous. The over-all effect is a cross between Edward Gorey and a dichromatic “Yellow Submarine.”

добро пожаловать в жизнь.


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