the meat you are eating

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любимый Глэйзер снял исключительно медитативное кино ни о чем — из фрагментов про наш лепрозорий. к сожалению, исходный роман все же сильно лучше; блестящей сатирой, каруселью перемены мест:

Like all of Isserley’s race (except Isserley and Esswis, of course) he stood naked on all fours, his limbs exactly equal in length, all of them equally nimble. He also had a prehensile tail, which, if he needed his front hands free, he could use as another limb to balance on, tripod-style. His breast tapered seamlessly into a long neck, on which his head was positioned like a trophy. It came to three points: his long spearhead ears and his vulpine snout. His large eyes were perfectly round, positioned on the front of his face, which was covered in soft fur, like the rest of his body.

In all these things he was a normal, standard-issue human being

и еще:

The thing about vodsels[1] was, people who knew nothing whatsoever about them were apt to misunderstand them terribly. There was always the tendency to anthropomorphize. A vodsel might do something which resembled a human action; it might make a sound analogous with human distress, or make a gesture analogous with human supplication, and that made the ignorant observer jump to conclusions.

In the end, though, vodsels couldn’t do any of the things that really defined a human being. They couldn’t siuwil, they couldn’t mesnishtil, they had no concept of slan. In their brutishness, they’d never evolved to use hunshur; their communities were so rudimentary that hississins did not exist; nor did these creatures seem to see any need for chail, or even chailsinn.

And when you looked into their glazed little eyes, you could understand why.

If you were looking clearly, that is.

так же, возвращаясь к фильму, у Скарлетт Йоханссон короткие ноги и низкая попа (чей объем, полагаю, был специально англифицирован в процессе съемок), и это наблюдение (только процесс? вывод? его огласка?), полагаю, делает меня одним из those usual male chauvinist pigs, что столь отвратительны и мне самому — но, вместе с тем, чего стоит наша культура, выстроенная из кусочков такого намеренно спровоцированного подсматривания? что ж, именно об этом — в том числе — и оба произведения.


  1. human victims, speechless, castrated and fatten, turned into human meat. the author also uses other invented words below — try to guess their meanings.  ↩


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