чтоб государь присягал каким-то скотам?

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следом за одним королевством, мониторить любые движения своих подданных решили и в другом:

The Swedish Telecoms Regulator PTS has threatened Kista-based ISP Bahnhof to continue storing records of its customer communications, even though the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled the 2006 Data Retention Directive invalid [PDF] in April of this year.

есть здесь какая-то удивительная монархическая ирония, да?

It took Sweden six years to begin compliance with the Brussels-issued Data Retention Directive, so it is not entirely clear why the country is matched only by the UK in its determination to keep storing local customer information.

что ж, псомотрим:

The company’s CEO Jon Karlung spoke of a ‘Plan B’ that could avoid Bahnhof surrendering customer data, but gave no details, and said that the company would fight the issue in court.


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