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а вот, например, тоже сериал, но не совсем:

“Haunting Melissa” and “Dark Hearts” [the app-only horror series] were both created using Hooked Digital Media’s proprietary, which includes a patented technology it calls “dynamic story elements” that makes changes in an episode if you view it again. That means that every time you rewatch an episode of “Haunting Melissa” or “Dark Hearts,” you see and hear new details that add layers to the series’ narrative and atmosphere.

“Dark Hearts” also uses Apple’s SceneKit technology to drop clips at random into the app’s window. Viewer analytics from “Haunting Melissa,” such as which episodes or scenes got the most views or replays, helped shape the new series’ story, structure, and chapter release schedule.

как принято говорить, от продюсера Mulholland Drive — и если и был в жизни киномомент, действительно напугавший меня, то вот он, именно оттуда.


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