losing all restraints

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или вот, что пишет Глен Ли Робертс:

As one has the right to chose their Citizenship, “none” should be an appropriate choice. However, by choice or involuntary action, all people, with or without nationality should be treated with respect.


I believe the identity of the person, the feeling of self-esteem and the value of a person comes from the person, not from the State. In my case, the State only left me feeling belittled and of no value. It is only outside the State that one can become who they are. Through the exercise of self-expression, travel, religion, association with others, can we find ourselves and our true value in life; ultimately to find peace within ourselves. When we are bound by the State all of those actions become limited and we are held back as human beings.

There are some 7 billion individuals on this planet. And, I use specifically the world “individual”. Each one of us is unique. When 7 billion people are forced to submit to one of two hundred or so States, there are bound to be a large number who don’t fit in, are outcasts, are held back. People who are repressed and unable to experience their full value as a human being, whether they are a citizen of some country or not.

All of the issues to Statelessness simply vanish when a government respects all the people within its realm.

несколько пафосно, однако исключительно верно, тем не менее. и он, или Майк Гогульски[1] — чем не примеры?


  1. мне нравится одна из цитат последнего:

    Let’s finally recognize that financial commerce is speech, and that it is speech worthy of all the protections that ‘freedom of speech’ attracts.

    определенно, если экономика — это жизненная форма, то что тогда свободная торговля, как не обмен информацией в этом мирозданьи? слова, речь? и до тех пор, пока такая коммерция не приводит к нарушению или ущемлению прав других, придерживается harm principle и не содержит hate speech, она должна быть свободна.  ↩


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