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прекрасная статья о сексизме и дискриминации в научной и технической среде — а так же о жизни как в подростковом аду, так и во “взрослом” (непременно прочтите и предысторию):

These are curious times. Gender and privilege and power and technology are changing and changing each other. We’ve also had a major and specific reversal of social fortunes in the past 30 years. Two generations of boys who grew up at the lower end of the violent hierarchy of toxic masculinity – the losers, the nerds, the ones who were afraid of being creeps – have reached adulthood and found the polarity reversed. Suddenly they’re the ones with the power and the social status. Science is a way that shy, nerdy men pull themselves out of the horror of their teenage years. That is true. That is so. But shy, nerdy women have to try to pull themselves out of that same horror into a world that hates, fears and resents them because they are women, and to a certain otherwise very intelligent sub-set of nerdy men, the category “woman” is defined primarily as “person who might or might not deny me sex, love and affection”.

(And you ask me, where were those girls when you were growing up? And I answer: we were terrified, just like you, and ashamed, just like you, and waiting for someone to take pity on our lonely abject pubescence, hungry to be touched. But you did not see us there. We were told repeatedly, we ugly, shy nerdy girls, that we were not even worthy of the category “woman”. It wasn’t just that we were too shy to approach anyone, although we were; it was that we knew if we did we’d be called crazy. And if we actually got the sex we craved? (because some boys who were too proud to be seen with us in public were happy to fuck us in private and brag about it later) . . . then we would be sluts, even more pitiable and abject. Aaronson was taught to fear being a creep and an objectifier if he asked; I was taught to fear being a whore or a loser if I answered, never mind asked myself.)

возможно, я не согласен с Лори[1] в каких-то деталях (и фразы уровня “the most privileged people” тотчас напоминают мне знаменитую беседу о тех самых привилегиях из “Криптономикона”). но, тем не менее, это очень и очень важный и всем нам необходимый взгляд изнутри — с обоих точек зрения.


  1. если вы не слышали о Лори Пенни, смело начинайте читать все ее статьи подряд, она безмерно интересная и абсолютно потрясающая.  ↩


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