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после того, как журналисты из Gawker чудесным образом раздавили идиотскую рекламную акцию Coca-Cola #MakeItHappy, на них со всех сторон обрушилась волна абсолютно безумной критики:

Human beings—including journalists—flocked to Coke’s side. The Verge sobbed that we’d “ruined” Coke’s “courage and optimism,” AdWeek called our work a “debacle,” and Coke itself feigned dismay: “It’s unfortunate Gawker made it a mission to break the system, and the content they used to do it is appalling.” “Have a Coke and a—frown,” bleated some dunce at USA Today. Coca Cola’s rough approximation of humanity had made an enormous impression, and its drinkers and friends took a stand. No more, they tweet-chanted in unison, no more unkind words for this maker of sweet liquid toxins.

что ж, авторы в Gawker исключительно четко формулируют ответ:

What’s been lost in the friendification of corporate brands is that by their very nature of brand-ness, brands are diametrically opposed to our interests as humans. They exist solely to distract, deceive, and manipulate us out of our money—and in the case of Coca Cola, freely dispense diabetes and obesity. There is nothing relatable in a brand. It’s an entity designed for the single purpose of extracting money from you by any legal means, no matter if you don’t need or even want what’s being sold. Even if the thing being sold is very, very bad for you—the brand will persuade you it’s silken and lovely. A brand will systematically and perpetually convince you that your best interests are incorrect—this is the behavior of an abusive partner, not a friend. Not even a stranger! Brands hate you.

мы занимаемся этих одухотворением (“people tend to talk to brands like they might have lost their virginity to them”) беспрестанно, от разговоров с теливизором до раздачи имен собственных окружающим предметам, от домыслов за политиков и их решения до придания эмоций компаниям и кампаниям — мы неизменно пытаемся оплодотворить мир, что выстроили округ, но давно вышедший из под контроля, он хладнокровно плюет на наши усилия: это другая жизненная форма, и все, чем она живет и дышит, от корпоративных интересов до политических заявлений — все это исключительно противоположно человеку.


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