the domestic population can become a great danger if not controlled

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или вот яростная статья по мотивам так называемых реформ в области слежки за собственными гражданами:

What we’re witnessing is Reform Theater, a sort of kabuki act intended to provide the impression that, in the wake of Snowden’s revelations, something is being done. Officials create the perception of action by occupying themselves with narrow aspects of mass interception and this is intentional. They wouldn’t dare do anything substantial that would threaten the gears of the surveillance state. Instead they’ll leave Big Brother’s infrastructure in place and dither around the edges.

Nor would they dare establish metrics to quantify the usefulness of mass interception. Doing so would only expose U.S. counter terrorism initiatives for the frauds that they are, leading the public to question the NSA’s global panopticon or the FBI’s habit of cultivating terrorism plots. Whose national security do these secret programs safeguard?

все так.


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