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в дополнение к жирафам:

Professor Christian Graugaard, a sexology professor at Aalborg University in Denmark, <...> believes that pupils aged 13 and above should be able to view and discuss pornographic images and literature as part of sex education classes.

Research conducted in the Nordic countries suggests that young people encounter pornography online when they are in their early teens, with studies showing that up to 99% of teenage boys and 86% of teenage girls in the Nordic countries have seen some pornography.

“Young people, like the rest of us, are part of a sexualised post-modern society, says Graugaard. “What I am proposing is that we reinvent sex education in the classroom. Rather than focusing on the technical disease-related or biological aspects of sex, we should also use this platform to discuss and show other phenomena, such as pornography, taught by trained teachers, so that young people can develop a critical approach to what they are seeing.”

все правильно, разумеется, — однако, надо так же понимать, в какой степени Дания не похожа на другие страны, насколько датчане в принципе свободнее.

зато не могу не представить себе реакцию со стороны ревнителей традиционных ценностей — вот уж где настоящее веселье было бы и потеха.


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