on undue influence

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BOR, например, шутит:

xxx: Родилось во время подписания договора ипотеки в банке: “В России брачный договор отлично заменяется ипотечным, с женой в роли поручителя”.

а мне, наоборот, вспоминается хрестоматийный прецендент:

[A]lthough the concept of the ignorant wife leaving all financial decisions to the husband is outmoded, the practice does not yet coincide with the ideal. In a substantial proportion of marriages it is still the husband who has the business experience and the wife is willing to follow his advice without bringing a truly independent mind and will to bear on financial decisions. The number of recent cases in this field shows that in practice many wives are still subjected to, and yield to, undue influence by their husbands. Such wives can reasonably look to the law for some protection when their husbands have abused the trust and confidence reposed in them.

забавно, как these little differences торчат отовсюду, да? ткни в любое место — и вот она, разница между общественными договорами, мировоззрениями, жизнью. о которой многие, к сожалению, даже не догадываются.


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